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Abby Alonzo, Sports Reporter And Culture Media Personality

August 01, 2023 Anthony Ranaudo Season 1 Episode 161
The Up & In Show
Abby Alonzo, Sports Reporter And Culture Media Personality
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Show Notes

Sports Reporter and Culture Media Personality, Abby Alonzo, joins Anthony Ranaudo on this week's episode of the Up and In Show. Abby talks about how she got into sports reporting as a 17 year old, in high school, getting an internship with The New Orleans Saints. She has mentions working for a sports reporting agent in Dallas, Texas, after finishing her degree in Sports Broadcasting from LSU. 

She fell in love with sports as a kid who watched her father suffer through cancer, but found the will and drive to get out to practice to coach his athletes, despite going through chemotherapy consistently. His persistence, and determination to be a mentor and coach to those athletes, despite his own circumstances engrained a love a deeper affection for, not only sports, but also the relationships that coaches have with their players. 

Abby always said as a kid that she was going to be the first woman to play in the NFL, but as she grew up and came to that realization that those odds may not be in her favor, she decided to remain as close to the sport as she could possibly... so broadcasting and reporting were the clear career routes in her eyes. 

We're ecstatic to have Abby join the Culture Media Team and we know she has big things in the works. Keep an eye out for her LSU Sports show, debuting in the coming weeks, Valley Vision!

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