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LSU Gymnast/Individual SEC Champion, Kiya Johnson

September 06, 2023 Anthony Ranaudo Season 1 Episode 166
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LSU Gymnast/Individual SEC Champion, Kiya Johnson
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Show Notes

Kiya Johnson is a gymnast at LSU who competes all-around. The 9 time All-American, and reigning SEC specialist of the year, is a senior from Dallas, Texas. 

Over the course of her LSU career she has collected a number of accolades including: SEC floor exercise champion, SEC Freshman of the year, 40 career wins, No.1 performer on floor, 7 perfect 10s, and is only 1 of 3 LSU gymnasts to ever record perfect 10s on 3 different events. 

Johnson suffered an injury in 2023 after competing in just 2 meets, but is looking forward to returning in December for LSU's Gymnastics 101 meet, before starting the regular season in January.

Career Highs
Vault: 10.000 (2-14-20 at GymQuarters Invite)
Bars: 9.950 (2-28-20 vs. Arkansas)
Beam: 10.000 (1-24-20 at Florida
Floor: 10.000 (Three times; Last: 3-21-21 at SEC Championships; First: 1-8-21 vs. Arkansas)
All Around: 39.750 (2-14-20 at GymQuarters Invite)

Individual Titles
Vault: 8
Bars: 3
Beam: 5
Floor: 15
All-Around: 9
Total: 40

All American Honors
Vault: 4
Bars: 0
Beam: 1
Floor: 2
All-Around: 1
Total: 8

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