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Mac Brazina: The Human Builder

March 02, 2021 Anthony Ranaudo Season 3 Episode 58
The Up & In Show
Mac Brazina: The Human Builder
Show Notes

What does it mean to be human? What questions are we not asking ourselves to stay in default mode network and continue on the hamster wheel? How do we get BETTER?!

Well— this episode dives deep into some of life’s hardest questions, but the ones that often give us the best results.

Mac Brazina is the human builder. Mac resides in Florida and what started as a personal training business— has now grown into a full on program of building better humans.

From her website, Mac says “While training is what lights my heart up, I found that there was so much more to a transformation than just that one hour in the gym. The whole experience, and evolution, of both client and coach, reside within the other 23 hours of the day — where life happens. I realized that I didn’t want to just be a “trainer,” as the workout can only get you so far.

Now — I’m a Human Builder.

I believe we’re all unique formulas, with differing variables,  that deserve dedicated, and authentic education, from a human “who gets it…” By coaching for success — not JUST that 1 hour in the gym — but for The Other 23 hours of the day, we are able to effectively integrate the elements of  fitness, nutrition, brain health and mental wellness, in a way that makes sense for you.”

If you’d like to connect with Mac, here is her instagram, twitter, facebook, and her website.

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